PNW Mini Goldens Margaux


Margaux is the daughter of Eva and Wally. She is a sweet and loving little princess. She is our smallest dog but sits at the top of the pecking order in our pack. She loves to spin in circles while she waits for you to open the door to go out. She likes to sit on the tallest objects in the room. If you stack pillows she comes and lays on the top, which is where she got her ‘princess’ nickname. She likes to snuggle, play fetch, and lick. She trades licks for pets; you pet her and she licks you. She is the best mama dog with strong mothering instincts. She even tried to nurse our cat Bandit when he was a small kitten. She isn’t much of a water dog but she’s happy to ride in the car and check out the beaches. She inherited Eva’s big brown eyes and can look deep into your soul to convince you to do her bidding.

Margaux weighs 25lbs. She is multi-generational Miniature Golden. She is 49% Golden Retriever, 15% Cocker Spaniel, 11% poodle, and 25% Cavalier.

PNW Mini Goldens Wally


Wally is our snuggler. He wants to lay on your lap and use you for a pillow. He likes to watch TV and barks at any new doggy faces that may appear. He’s a great watchdog and alerts us to any unusual activities he may witness… like the squirrels burying nuts in his front yard. Wally is a smart one too! He rings his bell to let us know when he wants out for a potty break and will even ring the bell for anybody outside wanting back in. What a gentleman!! He loves to play fetch and tug. He will bring you anything he can grab (socks, slippers, rope toys) and bring them to you with a happy growl asking to play tug. Most days you’ll find him lying on the back of the couch watching over the front yard or napping in a lap.

Wally weighs 28lbs. He is an F2 miniature Golden/Cavalier. He is 50% Golden Retriever and 50% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Washington Mini Goldens


Sunny is the happiest and chilliest guy! He loves to play fetch, ride in the car, and be with his people. He’s got a funny, goofball personality and is quite a snuggler. He is really mellow. We joke that he must have been a ragdoll cat in his last life. He doesn’t mind getting his nails trimmed, laying on his back, or being propped up like a human between the couch cushions. He is so smart and can be really silly when it’s appropriate and calm when we need him to. He’s a good guard dog and will bark to let you know company is here but then is friendly with everyone because he is sure they have arrived to pet and visit with him. Everybody is his best friend.

Sunny weighs 42lbs. He is multi-generational Miniature Golden. He is 66% English Cream line Golden Retriever, 12% Cocker Spaniel and 22% poodle.

PNW Mini Goldens Wren


Wren is the daughter of Eva and Charlie. She is a hugger, has the sweetest disposition, and has never met a stranger. She too inherited Eva’s soulful eyes and smile. Wren LOVES water, even stinky duck pond water. We haven’t been able to keep her out of the water since she was old enough to go outside. She’s not picky and rolls in mud puddles and lays in cold wet grass. Wren also loves to play fetch. She is always, always happy. Her bark sounds tough when the amazon driver knocks but she’s all marshmallow. Wren is the perfect watch dog on patrol. She loves to work for treats and is extremely food motivated. She will sit patiently for treats, ignoring all distractions.

Wren weighs 40lbs. She is multi-generational Miniature Golden. She is 57% Golden Retriever, 21% Cocker Spaniel and 22% poodle.

PNW Mini Goldens Phoebe


Phoebe is the daughter of Eva and Charlie. She is a happy, sweet, curious, and chill dog. She is very much like her uncle Sunny. She loves to play fetch and is the first to sit patiently for treats. She likes the water, but isn’t water crazy like her sister Wren. She just wants to be everyone’s friend. Phoebe plays gently with our kitten, Bandit. She is quite vocal and moans and groans when you pet and scratch her, letting you know she loves to be scratched. She is a bit goofy and silly. She often has one ear flipped backwards and her lip stuck up on her gums. Phoebe loves being in your lap and right on top of you, all 39 pounds of her. She shows affection with licks like her half-sister Margaux does. She’s a big lover!

Phoebe weighs 39lbs. She is multi-generational Miniature Golden. She is 57% Golden Retriever, 21% Cocker Spaniel and 22% poodle.

Washington Mini Goldens Rose


Rose comes to us from Emmett Mini Golden Retrievers. She is a curious and free spirit, wanting to follow her nose and explore all the paths she comes across. She loves wrestling with our kitten Bandit and they get pretty riled up together. She likes to play fetch and is very toy motivated. Her favorite toys are the BarkBox toys that have a fabric cover and a surprise toy in the middle. Rose will work and work to shred the fabric and get the toy out. She is cuddly and wants to sit right next to you on the couch. Rose is very loyal and is quite attached to our daughter Olivia. She has the most expressive face and is vocal. She communicates with her voice a lot. It’s hilarious listening to her play with Bandit. She will sigh, snort, and grumble at the other dogs, she barks at anyone having too much fun, and she whines to go out for potty breaks. She is super smart and silly and a great addition to our program.

Rose weighs 28lbs. She is multi-generational Miniature Golden. She is 57% Golden Retriever and 43% Cocker Spaniel.

PNW Mini Goldens Rose Charlie


Charlie is Sunny’s brother. Charlie lives with my brother and his family of five. He is a friendly and food motivated guy. He wants to be everywhere his human pack goes and whines pitifully at the window if his tiny humans go outside without him. If no one hears he goes and finds their mom and tattles on them. He knows when school is out and starts watching at the window when it’s time for the bus to drop them off. He is smart! Charlie really does like his humans and knows how to get their attention. If he wants to rough house he will inch closer and closer until you notice him, and if you don’t notice him, he’ll bark to get you to play.

He is an active dog and is down for car rides, bike rides, or hikes through nature. He loves being outside and is ready to go to the beach, or the mountains, or to check the mailbox. Charlie is a great combination of happy adventures or Netflix & chill.

Charlie weighs 47lbs. He is multi-generational Miniature Golden. He is 66% English Cream line Golden Retriever, 12% Cocker Spaniel and 22% poodle.

Washington Mini Goldens


Eva - 'Kaya's Barbie Doll' comes to us from Petite Goldens and is our foundation female.

Eva is the biggest sweet heart. She is happy to walk the neighborhood or laze about all day. But her favorite location is laying at your feet. As long as she is close to her humans she’s a happy camper. She takes garden duty to the next level patrolling the garden and keeping an eye out for any pests. She is super smart! We had chickens for several years and often had hawks swooping in trying to snatch a chicken. We would tell Eva to “Get ‘em!” whenever a hawk started circling above. Now she always keeps her eye to the sky and will bark any time she sees a hawk circling overhead.

Eva weighs 28lbs. She is a multigenerational Miniature Golden. She is 48% Golden, 30% Cocker Spaniel, and 22% Poodle.

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